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Oil Automotive Body
Oil Automotive Body
Product name : Oil Automotive Body
Part Number: KR006
Casting Type: High vacuum die casting
Brand Name: FORD
Product Material: ADC12
Product Weight: >500g
Porosity Req.: <1.5mm by X-ray check
Tensile strength: N/A
Yield Strength: N/A
Dendrite spacing: N/A

Shanghai KR Tool & Casting Co.,LTD specialized in manufacturing high quality Die Casting Mould, Squeeze Casting Mould and casting metal parts.
Customers can get one-stop service from DFM, tooling design, mould simulation, mould making, trial shoot and mass production from KR TOOL. We focus on making high quality automotive metal parts. We have many successful cases for VW, AUDI, GM,Peugeot,TOYOTA.
Squeeze casting also called pressure solidify. It's very advanced way using high pressure in casting to make high quality castin parts or some parts that could not be made by normal casting way.